Friday, December 5, 2008

Am I ever going to be "well"?

I am home today. This cold (or whatever it may be) is really starting to Grind my Gears, man.
I decided to stay in bed this morning and sweat it out. Today I will overdose on tea and hopefully get some echinacea to boost up my immune.

Oh who's this handsome devil, you ask?
That would be Joel, the newest addition to our fab team at work.
He won the METRO PHOTO CHALLENE last week. Doods, a $5000 camera and A TRIP FOR TWO TO PARIS !

You go, Joel. See it here.

C is on his way home and we will have eggs and toast. My energy level is shit right now. More later.

AND PS why is noone even guessing who that messed up kid is, a few posts down?


jenisnape said...

That photo of his is amazing! Cool.
And I have no idea who that kid is XD

BOLT said...

I KNOW who the kid is. I don't want to show off after smoking you all in the last one. I changed my mind...Brian Bonseil or however the hell you spell it.

Kattypants said...

Look at you - you are stunning!
Can't wait for tomorrow night baby!!